Our Story

Art of Billions welcomes you to a world of greatness and innovative design. Enriched by the power of art.

A testament to society, Art of Billions was founded in one of the business meccas of the world, Toronto, and flourishes in a plethora of prosperous metropolitan areas such as the financial titan New York City, the all-powerful London, and the ever-aesthetic Paris.

At the core of Art of Billions, we strive to take a unique approach to art, by infusing meaningful substance with innovative inspiration. Sharing our immense passion for innovation and creativity empower the self-sufficient and those that are hungry for success in this ever-changing world; our art is the life they aspire for. Art of Billions presents to you the highest quality artistry at an affordable price. 


Seeing The Monopoly Man's Success And Power Everyday Reminds Me To Remain True to Who I Am, A Natural Born Hustler. Thank You Art of Billions.

Joshua T.

I Stumbled Upon Art of Billions By Chance But Stayed For The Immaculate, Postmodern Art. Basquiat's Masterpieces Will Always Have A Place On The Wall.

Abinesh J.

Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping and Top Quality. What Else Can You Ask For?

Sharoon R.